How to Wear Wide-leg Trousers?

Author: Maria

What Shoes?

Do you not know what shoes to choose for culottes, Swedish pants or bell bottoms? We’ll give you some tips! Footwear will draw particular attention, especially if we choose pants with a shorter leg, such as 7/8. In this case, classic high heels will not be the best solution. This wide-leg model pairs well with casual, non-committal footwear, such as sneakers or sporty sneakers, and in a slightly more elegant and girly style with ballet flats. Espadrilles are also a great choice. Avoid heavy, chunky shoes in this case, as such a combination can be overwhelming and simply look bad.

Although high-heeled or wedge shoes are usually the most appropriate choice for wider pants, as they will give us a few additional centimeters while slimming our figure, we can also opt for flat-soled models. However, pay attention to the length of the trouser leg. It should not touch the ground, ideally it should cover part of the shoe or rest on its toe.

What should you wear with wide pants if not heels? In the summer, flip-flops, sporty sandals, lightweight espadrilles, or ballet flats work great, and in cooler weather, opt for ankle boots or knee-high boots. If you choose longer footwear, make sure that the shoes do not have too wide a shaft, which could cause the pants to rest on it and not lay properly, which could lead to an undesirable effect.

If you like a sporty style, value comfort, or plan to take a longer walk or go shopping, nothing stands in the way of wearing wide-leg pants with sneakers, tennis shoes, or trekking boots. Even if you decide to wear flat shoes with wider pants, pay attention to models with a small platform, as this is an excellent trick to feel comfortable and slim down your silhouette a bit!

Are you a fan of classics and understated elegance and wouldn’t dream of wearing sports shoes? Nothing is lost! If you want to create a really classic look, in addition to high heels, you also have the option of wedge sandals or loafers. No one will pass by indifferently next to such a combination!

What tops?

There are really plenty of options here. Depending on what effect we want to achieve, we can confidently choose a bodysuit, a fitted blouse, a short top tied around the neck, a turtleneck, a crop top, or even a corset. These options will look particularly good paired with pants with a slightly shorter leg or with those with a higher waist.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! We can confidently combine this wardrobe element with blazers or elegant blouses. It’s best to choose those with a shorter cut or, if the blouse is longer, simply tuck it into the pants, or in a more informal variant, tie it in a knot. In urban outfits, boxer-style t-shirts, crop tops, those with slogans, and t-shirts will also work perfectly. On cooler days, a short sweater in pastel colors will be an ideal match!

Can we combine wide-leg pants with wider, oversized, loose, or thicker items? Yes, but there is one caveat. Such a look can disrupt the proportions of our silhouette and make the overall outfit look quite heavy, even overwhelming, especially if a very petite person chooses such an outfit. In this case, we can try to combine wider pants with sweaters or blouses, but let’s choose more fitted models.

While wide-leg pants are perfect for a sporty or casual outfit, let’s not forget their other side. They are an ideal base for elegant looks for important occasions! Paired with a blazer or jacket, a silk blouse, or an elegant shirt, they will create a truly chic outfit.

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