How to Wear a Fur Coat?

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Fur coats, until recently associated with luxury, were later deemed to be quite kitschy. However, they have been making a comeback in a new form for several seasons now. They are increasingly being seen on fashion shows by famous designers, in popular chain stores, and on the streets. So what’s the deal with fur? Which one should you choose, how to match it to your body type, and what to wear it with to look classy?

Of course, we say a firm “no” to natural fur! The return of fur coats to fashion has made manufacturers compete in ideas for colors, styles, and types of faux furs, so there’s really a lot to choose from. There’s no need to torture and kill animals to get a beautiful fur coat model. There are really many fur coat models available on the market, so there’s plenty to choose from! A short fur jacket? A loose oversized fur coat? Or maybe a long fur coat with a belt? Regardless of which model you choose, it’s worth matching the coat to your body type. Remember that a fur coat can optically add some weight and widen the silhouette, but even plump people don’t have to give it up. In such a case, it’s good to choose a short model in a darker color.

For slender women, we recommend an oversized fur coat or a longer coat, but here it’s worth keeping in mind that such models can disturb the proportions of the silhouette, so if you’re not a tall person, it’s best to pair them with high-heeled shoes. If you’re afraid that the fur will add too many kilos, choose a model with a waistband that emphasizes your waist.

What Shoes?

What kind of shoes should you choose? There’s a lot of freedom here. Both ankle boots and knee-high boots will look good. You can also choose the type of heel based on your preferences. Both block and stiletto heels are suitable. Of course, you don’t have to stick strictly to the rules; after all, fashion is meant to be played with! Try combining it with sneakers or flat-soled ankle boots, preferably made of eco-leather. Such a combination can be really successful, especially if you opt for an oversized style coat.

Hat? Scarf?

What about other elements of the wardrobe? In a fur coat styling, it usually takes center stage, so let’s not overdo it with accessories! It’s best to choose a hat, scarf, or gloves that are neutral enough and match the outerwear. It’s best if they don’t have a thick weave or too pronounced texture of the material. If we choose a multicolored fur coat or one with a bold color, let’s match subdued accessories. The same rule applies to animal print fur coats. In both cases, let’s avoid flashy tights.

Regardless of the style and length, it’s worth combining it with tight skirts or dresses, preferably no longer than knee-length, or skinny jeans. If you’re a fan of looser pants, you can opt for those with a straight leg. However, this choice will be best in the case of a short fur jacket.

What color?

What color should you choose? Of course, the “safest” choice would be classic black, but even if you’re a fan of classics, will you consider buying another dark and universal color? Navy blue, dark gray, bottle green… These are just some of our suggestions. These colors are easy to style, and your look certainly won’t be boring! For bold girls, why not try a red or yellow fur coat?

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