How To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer?

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Producers of lip makeup cosmetics usually claim that their products are extremely long-lasting and remain intact for many hours, looking exactly as fresh as when applied. Unfortunately, many of us have experienced that it’s not always the case, and it doesn’t take much for a cosmetic to start looking unattractive and worsen the appearance of our lips instead of improving it.

Why does this happen and how can we prevent it? First of all, let’s be honest and admit that it’s not always the fault of the lipstick. Of course, some cosmetics are simply of poor quality, poorly pigmented, and therefore not very durable, and there is not much we can do to make such lipstick last longer on our lips. However, we often bear the blame for such a state of affairs ourselves, not following the application method recommended by the manufacturer or simply lacking basic knowledge of how to apply lipstick correctly.

Let’s not expect extreme durability from light moisturizing lipsticks that are closer to lip glosses. Unfortunately, those of creamy, light, moisturizing consistency that often contain butters and oils in their composition, and seem to melt when applied to the lips, will not be long-lasting because that’s their nature. If we want the lipstick to last on our lips for at least a few hours, let’s choose matte ones with a heavier, solidifying formula. Satin-finished cosmetics will also work, although their durability may be slightly lower.

The key to both the longevity and good appearance of lipstick after application is well-cared-for and nourished skin. Even the best lipstick cannot hide chapped lips and dry skin. Taking care of your lips is the first step in prolonging the longevity of your lipstick. Once a week (in winter, you can do this 2-3 times a week), exfoliate your lips with a cosmetic dedicated to this purpose. We can find a wide selection of lip scrubs on the market, in addition to those in jars, there are also convenient lip scrubs in the form of a stick. If we don’t have such a cosmetic on hand, we can use sugar mixed with olive oil and add a drop of honey to the prepared scrub. After thoroughly exfoliating our lips, apply a thicker layer of nourishing balm to them, and when it is partially absorbed, spread cosmetic Vaseline, shea butter, or lip oil on the lips and leave it as a compress for at least an hour, preferably overnight.

Apply a small amount of concealer or foundation to dry and de-greased lips. It’s not about the amount we usually apply to our face, but just a bit to make our lips matte. It can also be a small amount of powder or eyeshadow base. On such prepared lips, we apply a lip liner. It can be a neutral nude lip liner or a colorless pencil. At the beginning, we should outline the lip contour, and then gently tap the cosmetic with our fingers so that it does not stand out distinctly from the skin of the lips.

Now we can use a colored lip liner if we want, but it’s not necessary. The lips are ready for the next step, which is applying the chosen colored lipstick. It’s not over yet! Now take a tissue or a piece of paper towel and gently press it onto your lips. Hold it for a moment. This will remove excess lipstick from your lips and set the makeup. Then take a little loose, colorless powder on a brush, which we use to finish the makeup, and gently powder the lips, being careful not to apply too much, just lightly dust them. However, if you are afraid that you will apply too much, you can use a trick used by professionals. When you press the tissue onto your already painted lips, don’t remove it, but use it to powder your lips. If, however, you decide to apply the powder in this way, separate the tissue and use only one layer.

It’s almost over! Now apply the final, thin layer of lipstick to your lips. Done! Remember that when using a matte, drying liquid lipstick, it is better not to apply several layers. If you need to touch up, remove the lipstick with a greasy makeup remover for lips or regular Vaseline, which will dissolve it. Otherwise, several layers of lipstick can create an unaesthetic crust on your lips or clump together.

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